I offer a range of editing services to help get your writing ready for publication. I specialize in editing the work of academics and students. My skills are primarily in stylistic and copy editing, as well as proofreading and formatting.

Editing Services

  • Copy Editing.
  • Stylistic Editing / Manuscript Review
  • Proofreading / Formatting

“I have become much more prolific since Cheryl started editing my work. In fact, two pieces she recently edited for me got plenty of acclamation. What I find most helpful are her suggestions on restructuring sentences that always make the flow of the piece more fluid. I write regularly for two very well-known Indian newspapers. The subjects I write about are niche, and her fresh perspective has helped greatly to make them more comprehensive. Previously, my work lacked clarity. Cheryl truly helped fix that and this, in turn, has made me much more productive.”
Aditi Sen, Adjunct Professor of South Asian Studies, Department of History/School of Religion, Queen’s University